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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Project DVD Cover

This piece was our open creative minds that she wanted us to create something for our selves or that we love. I love movies so I thought it would be fun to design a movie cover for a dvd case. I was first going with a Audrey Hepburn look or a recreate of her movie "Love in the Afternoon" and then I had thought a little more and my idea kind of faded from her movie into my own design of Love in the Afternoon and I decided to make another one that I made up. I was very happy with the outcome of this project the Love in the Afternoon Case I felt that turned out way better that the All About Jane case. The target audience was women of all ages looking for a romantic comedy and seeking some mystery. The call to action to get women to see the movie and to buy the movie. All photos in this project were taken by me except the one with the couple kissing that one I purchased from Istock Photo. I had fun with this project making sure everything turned out right and designing was the best part. 

Publication Ad

This piece was the publication ad. We were to get a quote from a magazine and find the specifications. My Full page ad with bleed was 8 1/4 x 11 1/8 with the live area of  7 1/2 x 10 3/8 and the 1/3 page ad with bleed 3 x 11 1/8 with the live area of 2 1/4 x 10 3/8. The target audience were women from age 17 and up, my call to action was to have the reader or audience to go to the web site or to the store to shop. This ad's purpose was to get women interested in winter fashion that Target will be carrying and to have women start thinking about winter shopping and fashion. 

Direct Mail ~ Variable Data Piece

This Piece was the Direct Mail Variable Data Piece that was to create a mail piece that had two different target audiences. At first this I had in mind that we were to make two completely different items. But we were just to make the same theme but two different targets. I choose to go with a day spa and target the stressed working woman and the signal lonely woman that needed a day at the spa. The specifications were an 8x5 post card, with bleed and margins. This turned out way better than my original ideas that I had came up with. This project I put more time into to make sure I got everything perfect and I am very happy with the final. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WordPress Site~Promoting My Self

This is my word-press site overview, this site I created as a class assignment and to promote my own work and about me and how I am as a designer. I love designing and I love making new things and learning new ideas and ways to create something extraordinary. This word-press site took sometime to get the images and files up that I wanted. I'm not completely satisfied with the site but I'm working on it still and I am going to be making up dates as soon as I can. 

Debate of Blogger vs Wordpress see how my thoughts changed!

Team Site~Gorillas with Swords


This was our group site project that we created for the Pitt State Fencing Team. I had created the header and the buttons for the site, but David the president and founder of the club had designed the men for the site. I just put it together and gave it the look that he wanted. Robin had done the CSS styles and attached the links, Victoria had created the blog and the slide show of the pictures David had given us. David had collected the content for the web page. I actually liked this group project for once everyone did there part and we had no problems with anyone. I felt that I didn't really do much but all of us put our heads together and gave the Pitt State Fencing Club an awesome site.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Research of Why Businesses and Bloggers~BLOG!

  • Businesses blogs are more professional and are a way to help businesses upkeep there sites. Most of the time businesses have a tough time finding someone to udate the site and having a css style drivin site can be difficult for most businesses to hire someone. Bringing someone into update all the time can be expensive as well as time consuming.
  • Keeping the blog form being personal to professional is hard but this can be done. This can be done by having a professional looking site and having formal and neatly put together. Personal sites can be more informal and out of context because its being used for personal use only. There are some sites that may have personal mixed with professional but this can be determined on how the user is setting up the site.
  • Most Porfilo blogs contain a home link, an about link, a profilio link, and contact info. The site will also have a introduction, title, and what list of services that this comapany or person might offer. These blogs/site contain more info about the services and examples of the work that is being outputed.
  • 5 Tutorials about Blogs.
  • To understand where value is create in or with social media you must understand that social media is a series of software platforms. People read and type and click. The behind a two way mirror the corporations observe things and pay for the privelege. The social media corporations create a 'space' and are lucky enough that the visitors 'amuse themselves' by creating their own content and consuming it too. Almost a perfect business, if you get popular. Social media strategy might apply to the creator of the software and space, otherwise your should be behind the mirror or an advertiser or large corporation who observes what happens.

Class Site Page
Personal Page

Monday, November 15, 2010

VML: Impact of Emerging Media Presentation, Joe Crisby PSU Grad

On Thursday November 11th 2010, a former PSU Grad came to speak about The VML: Impact of Emerging Media company in Kansas City. He is the director of advertising. He spoke about how social media is taking over! Both education and marketing are attempting to connect to an audience with the intent if making an impact on the world. Social Media is controlling everything, from decisions that students make to decisions that parents make. If someone were to post on there facebook status that  a restaurant had bad food or service then all or half of there friends would see it and make a comment or take that in as a bad place to go eat. He talked about how all of consumers are influences on other consumers and that one little bad or good thing can help or hurt a business. This is why all businesses want to be apart of some type of social network, this helps business and can also show the businesses what consumers are saying about there business to help improve any imperfections that business may have. Joe also talked about the technology is getting better and every consumer has some sort of a smart phone or Ipad or some type of mobile device that allows consumers to access the internet and all the social networks from there fingertips! This makes a huge impact on most businesses and companies as well because consumers can control how well businesses do by just a few seconds, this makes it very difficult for most businesses to keep up with there consumers. Joe mostly works with businesses and getting there web sites up to date and gets them into the social networks to help get there name out in the eyes of consumers. This usually helps businesses find out what consumers want and how they are willing to get the information they are looking for. I think that Joes presentation was very helpful into understanding that social media is taking over and that soon everything will be digital and easier to get the information we want faster and easier than ever